Identifying an Elephant
October 24, 2017
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The Pachyderm Post

Welcome to our new blog, The Pachyderm Post. Yep, that’s the title we picked for our newest way to communicate with you, our client and friends. Why?

First, as many of you know, Pat Carroll’s first book was titled, Tame Your Money Elephants: Manage Your Emotions and Build The Financial Future You Want And Deserve. While that’s good enough reason for the title, this blog will do more than discuss emotions that, left unchecked, will make decisions for you, and suggest strategies to tame the particular elephants that stand between you and your financial security.

Since Pat wrote his book, we’ve noticed that our firm and elephants share some important characteristics. No, not the large ears, though we are good listeners.

• Elephants gather information about their surroundings and analyze air down to the molecular level. We too are great information gatherers—especially information about your unique business goals.

• Elephants are deliberate. With few exceptions, they are calm by nature. Check.

• Elephants, thought to be one of the world’s most intelligent animals, are problem-solvers. We love that about them because we too are more than information-gatherers: we use information to solve, not create, problems.

• Elephants are “social” animals that maintain strong family ties. We found that the common element in all of our bios is devotion to our spouses, children and communities.

• Evidence suggests that elephants are capable of loyalty, compassion and courage. Every day, we see the same qualities in you, the people we are privileged to call “clients.”

So, Pachyderm Post it is. Again, welcome to it and let the conversation begin!

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